Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The reason for my 6 month hiatus

So this is why I have been on a 6 month hiatus of my blog.  I do apologize but life is much busier with 2 babies.  I know everyone said it would be, but somehow I was surprised by it..  ;)
Abigale Dearie had her first breath on January 20, 2010.  After being induced twice [yes 2 times, and ask me about my VBAC!], we were so glad to hold her!  Do to the swine flu outbreak, children were not allowed in the hospital so Jesse met his sister at Gigi & Grandma's and he has loved her dearly ever since!  They are so good together and he warms my heart daily at how he cherishes her.

Their first picture together

7 days old with Jesse, mommy & Abigale

This one is a collage of Jesse's first week shot and Abigale's... "For this child I prayed"1 Samuel 1:27
Easter Family Pic at our church April 2010 ~3 months old

About 4 months old in MY dress.

 Dedication with 4 Generations: Gigi, Me, Abigale, & Grandma
May 2010

Little Sister :)  July 2010 5 months

Sweet Sleeping Baby July 2010 5.5 months [another of my outfits]

Created by Stampin' Up! My Digital Studio.  :)
Anyway, thanks for the reprieve.  Now I am back [though probably a little slower for now ;) ]!

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