Saturday, October 17, 2009

Recipe Holder

Hello! This is my latest creation for upcoming craft fairs. An Apron shaped Recipe Card Holder.
I created & cutout a template from poster board so the base would be a bit thicker than SU CS. Since they were handcut, each one is a little different than the next which I thinks adds to their charm. :)I then painted several coats of white acrylic paint to add to the thickness/sturdiness. For some I added additional painting of red or brown.
Then I added the embellishments: whether it was stamping, embossing or CS punch "pockets" with different cooking related buttons in them that I snipped the backs off of. I then sprayed Triple Thick Glaze over the front. I added an additional rectangle of the White HD CS that comes with SU CS for additioanl sturdiness. And then with E-6000, adhered the clothepin to the back. For the "Apron neck", I used matching ribbons glued on 1 side and then a small pice of velcro at the other side [all with E-6000]. I did this so they would work for folks with any kind of door handles.Since this was all from scratch and trial & error, they took many more steps & much more time than it probably would next time..if there is a next time! ;) hahaI plan to sell them at upcoming craft shows for $4. Wish me luck!

Friday, October 9, 2009

No Two Snowflakes Are Alike

Hello! Just wanted to share with you a recent project for Christmas ornaments. I have been selling them at my art/craft fairs but I think it would be a great project to do at home with the kids as sweet & simple gifts, tree decorations, or even package decorations.

Recently, Stampin' UP! added a "Clearance Rack" to my online store and since I LOVE a bargain, I definitely went to shopping! These projects use the Little Felt Flurries Accents & Elements & Big Felt Flurries Accents & Elements from that section.
I adhered them together with my fave adhesive for everything, E-6000. I am not sure if Elmer's/Tacky glue works on felt very well since, in my experience, it hasn't adhered well [thinking if you were to do this with kids]. Hot Glue would work on this project, except maybe for the finer cut snowflakes that need tiny dots of glue.
The Rhinestone Brads are from SU, as well, and I love these to add a little bling to cards, scrapbooks and now Christmas ornaments! The half back pearls are from the Pretties kit from SU. For the brads, I would cut down or off the "brad stem" part so that it didn't show through the intricate designs.
The hanging string is embroidery floss in gold metallic and/or platinum depending on the center embellishment.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Scrabble Tiles Necklace Pendants

Hello! Sorry for my break from blogging there for a bit. Back to business!
I wanted to show my latest little fun creation. After receiving one of these as a "Welcome to Steering for MOPS", I was inspired and encouraged to try to duplicate for my shows. Here is what I did..I am sure there are a ton of other ways to achieve similar results.
These little necklace pendants are created from Scrabble tile game pieces. Some people have the "game side" show but I chose to cover that part up so the back was plain wood. All papers are SU's Designer Series Papers, of course. The tile is about 3/4 inches by 3/4 inches so you definitely need a small decorative paper design.
The hardest part was finding the silver "bails". Luckily, [since I was on a time crunch] a local bead shop happened to have ordered them for someone else who hadn't picked them up yet. You can definitely find them online but for this first batch, I couldn't wait for shipping time.
I used E -6000 adhesive to adhere the paper to the front and eventually [after all glazing was done] to adhere the bail to the back.
After applying the paper onto the scrabble, I used Krylon's Triple Thick Glaze [in a jar]. I coated them about 12-15 times within one week to get the best glassy glaze look and strong coverage for the tile. I actually found the TTG at Pat Katan's in Ohio but a similar item/diff brand was in my local Michael's.
Some I embellished with SU [retired] flower punches for a 3-D effect and added SU rhinestone brads, as well. I recommend snipping off the brad part because I found it raised the flowers more than I wanted for coverage purposes.
These items are not recommended for wearing in pool or shower because though glazed heavily, it is still paper. And paper +water=bad news, in general. :)
I have been selling these at area craft shows for $6 & to friends for $5. I include a ribbon necklace with a button on one side and a loop [that could be adjusted to shorten] on the other side which I did for display or instant wear purposes. These would be great on a silver circle necklace, as well.
IF you are going to make these in bulk for gifts or selling, it is worth your time. For one pendant, the time & supplies are just too much~ IMHO. This would be a great gift though for all the ladies in your family and would be pretty inexpensive, once you found the bails.

*Note, if you don't have the Scrabble game, can't find it at yards sales or thrift stores or find a friend willing to donate, you can go on and purchase "replacement" parts. It was around $6-7 for 100 tiles. When I run out of my donated ones, I will probably go that route, rather than buying a new game for $15 for no reason. Just trying to help! :)
Let me know if you have questions or I said something unclear.