Saturday, October 17, 2009

Recipe Holder

Hello! This is my latest creation for upcoming craft fairs. An Apron shaped Recipe Card Holder.
I created & cutout a template from poster board so the base would be a bit thicker than SU CS. Since they were handcut, each one is a little different than the next which I thinks adds to their charm. :)I then painted several coats of white acrylic paint to add to the thickness/sturdiness. For some I added additional painting of red or brown.
Then I added the embellishments: whether it was stamping, embossing or CS punch "pockets" with different cooking related buttons in them that I snipped the backs off of. I then sprayed Triple Thick Glaze over the front. I added an additional rectangle of the White HD CS that comes with SU CS for additioanl sturdiness. And then with E-6000, adhered the clothepin to the back. For the "Apron neck", I used matching ribbons glued on 1 side and then a small pice of velcro at the other side [all with E-6000]. I did this so they would work for folks with any kind of door handles.Since this was all from scratch and trial & error, they took many more steps & much more time than it probably would next time..if there is a next time! ;) hahaI plan to sell them at upcoming craft shows for $4. Wish me luck!

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  1. I saw your post on SCS. This is a great idea. I think you will have great success selling them at the under $5 mark. Lots of people look for gifts $5 or under. Thanks for sharing your idea.