Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cars & Princess Aurora Clipboards Custom Order

This is just a quickie to share a recent custom order.
I create and sell a lot of stationary gift sets utilizing the smaller memo clipboards.  But this mom had the idea for me to create a decorated regular size clipboard that her kids could color on during their long road trip up north.  
The funny thing is that I had the same idea that morning when Jesse was trying to color on my mom's mini clipboard while at the doctor's office.  He kept having to turn the coloring page so it would be on the paper..frustrating.  So, great minds think alike I guess.  And here is what I came up with based on the characters for each child.

The trick was I couldn't embellish much since they were coloring on it so I didn't want much raised to mess with their finished projects.  Plus, it was for kids after all and too much would probably be pulled off, at least it would be with mine.  :)
I kept the designs pretty simple. Normally, I would have used some Designer Series Paper but didn't have any in this color scheme.  Plus, I thought the princess stood out better with the solid cardstock colors.
I stamped her name and highlighted with a glitter pen.  Chunky Stampin' Glitter was used for the center of the flowers.
 I stampes the finished back to coordinate with the front.

For the Cars board,  I inked up some different wheels from a variety of monster trucks, cars & firetrucks that Jesse had.  :)  Perfect background for a Cars Clipboard.

I added little scallop squares of ink to spotlight or shadow behind the pictures.  I thought they needed a little pop of some sort.
Obviously, I toned down the ribbon factor but I thought the help added a little something to the rustic feel.
 Thanks for looking!

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